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Disorganization Getting You Down During Camping Trips? Try These Tips!

There are no home comforts like air conditioning or a full kitchen when camping. You should plan your trip well and expect a lot. Keep reading for the things you need to know to make your camping trip the best trip ever.

Waterproof matches are an essential part of any camping survival kit. It should always be stored in an airtight container. To save money, dip regular matches in shellac, nail polish, or wax to make waterproof matches. Your box for storing it can be a plastic medicine bottle or an old roller container.

When camping near a source of running water such as a creek or stream, do your "work" downstream. In this way, the water will not be contaminated by droppings. It's a good idea to stay within 100 yards of the campsite for things of this nature; Just out of general courtesy.

Make sure your sleeping bag is suitable for the environment you will be camping in. Lighter bags are good for warmer places and a heavier sleeping bag works better when it's cooler. If you sleep in a tent, you will need sleeping bags that conform to your body and help retain body heat.

Find shelter before sunset when camping. Once it gets dark, it is very difficult to find firewood, cook food and pitch a tent. This can be especially true for someone who lives in the suburbs and isn't used to complete darkness. Set up camp before dark to avoid finding yourself in this situation.

It may seem obvious, but your campsite is not your home. Therefore, be sure to respect your surroundings when out in nature. You want to leave your campground as it was when you arrived. Respect for nature is important to preserve it as long as possible.

Make sure you have an idea of the weather before you start your trip. You can visit http://www.weather.com to check the weather for almost any location. Be sure to look at the 10-day weather forecast as well as the extended weather models. When you have an idea of how the weather will behave while camping, you can pack appropriate clothing and gear.

Food poisoning is a common illness when camping. If the food you pack for camping is not canned, sealed, or preserved, you open yourself up to the possibility of food poisoning by eating spoiled food. Bring lots of ice and don't forget to drain the coolant.

Preparation can make your camping trip easy and convenient. Prepare in advance to avoid a campsite collapse. Research the area to learn about the wildlife, geography, and climate.

If you're camping deep in the jungle, handle your food with care. You will need to keep your food in airtight containers or tightly wrapped, and store it away from your tent. Some foods should be completely avoided. You will be less likely to be assaulted by these measures.

Find a soft, flat spot to pitch your tent when camping in the wilderness. Choosing a rocky or sloping spot will create discomfort when you have to spend time in the tent. A tarp under your tent is handy as it helps keep water out.

Find out how to identify poisonous plants before you go camping. Poisonous plants are easy to ignore as they mix with other plants in the forest, so make sure you know what to look for. Get a book on how to identify these weeds or find them online. This information will help you avoid these dangerous plants.

Although camping aims to emphasize simplicity, a few well-chosen supplies can make all the difference. You can bring gear such as a sleeping bag, extra blankets, and even an air mattress. It will help keep you warm, comfortable and safe on a cold or humid night.

Plan out every situation you can think of before packing for your trip. Often, even the best plans go wrong. Also be aware that the weather can be very unpredictable. Don't take risks, think before you do anything and be careful.

When camping at public sites, turn off lights or set a timer. In some cases people will keep their awning lights on RVs on all night. You really don't need the lights and other people might get mad if you turn them on.

When you camp, you “dread” it. Some people find it exciting, while it sends shivers down the spine for others. Camping should be fun and relaxing. You have to plan your trip and have good ideas. Use the tips you read here!

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